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Cardiac Assessment

During the initial consultation a detailed medical history will be taken followed by a cardiovascular examination. At the end of the consultation i will be able to advise you what cardiovascular tests you may or may not require. Most patients will require a Electrocardiogram (ECG) and a Echocardiogram (Echo) as baseline investigations. 

Detailed Cardiac Imaging

Initially, Echocardiography will be performed to get detailed information about the structure and function of you heart. Looking for any signs of any structural or functional cardiac disease such as systolic heart failure (HFrEF), diastolic heart failure (HFpEF) or valvular abnormalitys. 

Some patients will go on to require a Cardiac MRI scan with Dr Dan Sado in London to get precise information about the heart muscle to diagnose the cause of the heart failure and exclude any rare conditions.

Personalised Treatment Plan 

Once the initial assessment and investigations are completed. If a diagnosis of heart failure is made a personalised treatment plan will be formulated. This may involve offloading excess fluid, optimisation of evidence based disease modifying drugs and consideration of cardiac devices ( CRT / ICD's). 

Drug Optimisation and Close Monitoring

Patients diagnosed with systolic heart failure (Heart Failure with reduced Ejection Fraction (HFrEF)) will potentially require up to five evidence based disease modifying medications ( as outlined in current national and international guidelines). These are started at intervals at low doses and then rapidly up titrated to target doses over a period of weeks to months.  You will be closely monitored during this process with regular reviews, blood tests and observation measurement (blood pressure, pulse etc). 

Cardiac Devices & Advanced Therapys

Some patients will require cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) will a special type of pacemaker or even a implantable cardiac defibrilator (ICD). These would be carried out by Dr Moj Goonewardene at Royal Papworth Hospital as a private patient. 

Some patients may require advanced management of cardiac arrhythmias which may be contributing towards their heart failure. The team work very closely with the Electrophysiology Team at Royal Papworth Hospital who can advise about and carry out ablation procedures when required.  

Heart Failure

Common symptoms of heart failure are ....

  • breathlessness

  • reduced exercise capacity

  • tiredness

  • fluid retention

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