We at the heart failure clinic.com specialise in the rapid diagnosis of heart failure, detailed imaging using cardiac MRI, initiation and rapid optimisation of heart failure medications, rehabilitation, lifestyle modification and long term monitoring of your condition.

We provide a high quality and safe clinical service based on guidance set out by the European Society if Cardiology, UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), as well as more recent evidence based medicine.

All patients are initially seen by Consultant Cardiologist Dr Moj Goonewardene for a clinical assessment, blood tests (NT - pro-BNP) and echocardiography are used to confirm the diagnosis. The majority of confirmed cases of heart failure then go on to have highly detailed cardiac MRI imaging with Consultant Cardiologist Dr Daniel Sado.

Drug therapy is initiated and rapidly optimised over weeks with close monitoring to reach target doses as quickly as possible. Patients are assessed for cardiac resynchronisation  and implantable cardiac defibrillator therapy and undergo implantation if appropriate. Patients are risk assessed for other fatal cardiovascular disease and receive lifestyle modifications and nutrition/dietary advice and undergo cardiac rehabilitation.

Severe cases not responding to medication and device therapy are, if appropriate, referred on to a Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation unit.